Top 4 Netflix Must-Watch Movies for this October


Nesha Adler-Eldridge, Writer

The past few months have been a little hectic for everyone, so why don’t we use the extra time we have left at the end of our days to enjoy some movies of interest. This list contains a few diverse movie suggestions for you and your family and friends to watch together this fall.

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a new thrilling Netflix classic, directed by Harry Bradbeer in the UK and was just released on September 23rd this year. Enola Holmes is based off of the comics “Enola Holmes Mysteries” by Nancy Springer. The story follows the plot of the famous character Sherlock Holmes’s sister; Enola, whose mother recently went missing. Enola, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is determined to find her mother who had raised her all of Enola’s life. 

Enola finds clues to the reason for her mother’s disappearance and decides to run away from her visiting brothers and go to London to find her mother. She soon finds herself in a tricky situation when meeting a boy named Tewksbury; a runaway lord, on her way to London. Much mystery unravels as Enola faces the world outside of her house in the country. This comedy filled mystery with a hint of romance, is the perfect movie to watch with friends and family on a fun movie night.


Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween is a recent comedic mystery directed by Adam Sandler and Allen Covert and was released this year on October 7th in Massachusetts. This movie has many popular actors in it such as Adam Sandler, Noah Schnapp, Peyton List, China McClain, and Karan Brar, many of which starred on Disney Channel. The movie’s plot is a simple horror mystery that unravels in great comedy. Hubie, the movie’s protagonist, is a middle aged man who lives with his grandma. 

Every year Hubie feels that it is his responsibility to be a Halloween “cop” and patrol his town looking for trouble, despite the numerous people against his character. On halloween night, a real mystery reveals itself when acquaintances of Hubie begin to start disappearing. Quickly, a great deal of events take place on Halloween night as the town-clown, Hubie, attempts to solve this chilling mystery. Hubie Halloween is the perfect movie to watch this close to Halloween if you’re looking for a little scare as well as some laughs. 


A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a “beautifully crafted” anime classic directed by Naoko Yamada and released in September of 2016, in West Japan. A Silent Voice is about a boy named Ishida, who feels unworthy of his life because of his past mistakes, in which he bullied a deaf girl named Nishimiya. As Ishida grows older he finds himself alone and unhappy, until he starts to reunite with former friends from sixth grade. Ishida meets Nishimiya for the first time after 5 years since he bullied her as a child, and begins to grow close to her and her family. 

Throughout the movie, Ishida faces an immense amount of guilt for what he did to Nishimiya. Viewers are presented with a sense of awareness around deafness and suicidalness as well as the struggles that come with them. A roller coaster of emotions is represented in an artistic format which has attracted many audiences towards it. A Silent Voice incorporates a romance between Ishida and Nishimiya while also providing a strong message of self acceptance and redemption for the viewers. 


The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a fascinating documentary directed by Jeff Orlowski on the 26th of January this year. This documentary’s focus is on the behind the scenes of social networking and its dangers. Much is revealed about the technology that we use on a day-to-day basis. It goes in depth about how people aren’t fully aware of what they are agreeing to share when using an app. 

Much more things are being watched and recorded than people would ever think, and this documentary shows exactly what is and how. As viewers, we are shown how much the internet causes our outbursts of mental health issues. Although it’s not the most positive thing to watch, it is an important subject for all people to understand and touch up on. Honesty from the world is presented in this film-which is just what we need right now.

I hope this lists helps you find the perfect movie to watch this month, despite all the things going on in the world. Remember to stay safe and happy holidays!