Boulder on Lockdown

Boulder on Lockdown

Franny Hebbard

A quarantine was put in place on nine properties in Boulder city due to what officials call a, “blatant disregard of public health orders.” 


Most of these properties are known as fraternities belonging to the college CU. The people living at these addresses must stay at home for two weeks and may only attend essential activities such as going to work or in-person classes. The reason for this quarantine is the mass partying going on at the campus. Boulder alone has around 5,441 confirmed cases.  


For the nine addresses, most associated with Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Sigma fraternities have been caught violating coronavirus public health orders, placing them in this lock down. If anyone in these 9 addresses are found to have broken quarantine they are looking at a 1,000$ fine and could end up in jail for 90 days. 


“Should residents at any additional properties commit such egregious public health order violation immediate action will be taken to place all residents of the identified property under mandatory quarantine,” the city mentioned in a statement. Meaning that if anyone not including the 9 properties already in lock down will join the quarantine.