Should you Go To The Movies



People wearing face masks to protect against the coronavirus watch the film “Dolittle” at a movie theater in Beijing, Friday, July 24, 2020. Beijing partially reopened movie theaters Friday as the threat from the coronavirus continues to recede in China’s capital. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

Cooper Savell, Writer

Movie theaters across the U.S. are starting to re-open, and  many people are wondering if it is safe to go. 

Guidelines vary by state and many theaters are following the airline industry’s policy, by leaving empty seats, sanitizing between movies, checking ventilation systems, and upgrading air filters.

People need to be aware of the spread of the virus in their communities before making a decision to go to the movies.  In counties where case rates are 30-50 per 100,000, even implementing additional safety precautions may not be enough to limit exposure.  

Even with all the new rules, people still wonder if others are going to follow them, and if the precautions will actually work. For example, theaters make the majority of their money from snacks than tickets. This is bad news for the theaters, because they might have to make tickets more expensive, or have the potential of closing down.