How to Survive and Thrive in Animal Crossing


Itiah González, Writer

With the raging pandemic canceling most in-person social interactions for the year 2020, you might have found yourself, like me, getting lost in the virtual world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a video game where people can create their own world on a fictional island. Below I will outline some tips and tricks to get you started on your Animal Crossing adventure, saving you both time and money in your new, pandemic-free virtual world.


Pay Off Debt Fast

In the beginning of the game, you will probably owe Tom Nook lots of miles for providing you a tent to live in. You should pay him back as soon as possible and then you can ask for a home upgrade. It might take a whole day but you’ll then go from living in a tent to a bigger house with lots of storage space available. This makes inventory management much easier which will help you advance quickly when just starting out in the game.


Earn Money

The currency used on the island is bells and there are several ways to earn them. You can easily earn bells by selling anything to the locals, Timmy and Tommy. You can sell them weeds, fish, sticks or any duplicates of bugs you catch. Make sure to keep one of each insect in your inventory, though because you will need them to open your island’s museum.  Don’t give away any resources like wood from trees, stones collected from banging on rocks or fossils you dig up, since you will need them at a later time. Also, make sure you don’t sell your island’s native fruit. We’ll cover the reason below.


Collect Non-Native Fruit.

The island’s native fruit is not worth many bells, so pile it up and keep it in your house. In order to plan for making money in the future, plant any non-native fruit you find. Make sure there is a lot of space all around the hole where you plant your trees, so they can grow. After a few days, they will be fully grown trees that continuously supply new fruit which you can then sell for 5 times the price of native fruit. Woohoo!


Visit Deserted Islands to Look for More Resources

If you’re new to the game, you might not have any friends playing Animal Crossing to get non-native fruit from. Or you might need more resources and you just don’t want to wait until your island resets the next day. Here’s a solution. The Nook Miles Ticket takes you to a deserted island where there are resources to be harvested. Sometimes these have non-native fruit available which is great for planting back on your island. Remember to bring tools and an open inventory so you can harvest and stash anything you come across.


Patience is Key

Remember that Animal Crossing is meant to be played in little by little over a long period of time. Your island will keep developing and the company that makes the game will make upgrades over time. Some days you might only have time to harvest a few resources or go fishing or bug hunting, but you will eventually get your island to the level you want it to be. Until then, just enjoy the island life, make friends, and avoid the real-life pandemic!