Is Participating In Halloween A Good Decision


Gabriel Seyboldt, writer

With Halloween just under a month away the questions running through everyone’s minds are should I trick or treat, and should I decorate. Lots of people are not going to do either one but when it gets that time you can for sure expect to see decorations and probably kids trick or treating, but is it a good idea to do either one? If you decorate your house the chances are lots of kids are going to knock on your door so if you don’t want hundreds of germs on your door I would suggest not decorating, is It even a good Idea to go trick or treating? I personally think no because everyone will be at the same place, on the sidewalk and you can’t even act like it is even possible to stay 6 feet, a lot of people will argue that your costume will protect you, but it wont (unless you are wearing a hazmat suit). Overall I do not think it is a good idea to decorate or trick or treat because when you decorate it creates high touch surfaces on your door and doorbell, and when trick or treating you are very close to a lot of people.