Weston Plakke, Writer

This October is going to be the weirdest one. Well this year there is no trick or treating and that is sad for others. Online school is still going on and we went to school for one day then spicks went up and now we are online for however long. Elementary kids are going back to school. But one snow day they do it online and stay at home. Parents have the optn for their kids to go to school or not. Theas are some weird times. 


New movies this month are Mulan, Hubie Halloween, and other movies. 

Not that many movies this month and regal has sadly closed for ever and hope that other movie theaters stay in business.  

 Covid cases have started to spike and we might be going back into quarantine, and everything will close.  


Well at least the forest fires have calmed down in Colorado. 


Well that’s all for this month. See you in November.