2020’s Latest Car Reviews – The Honda Civic Type R

The Honda That Is Outrageously Fast While Keeping The Benefits Of A Sedan – The Honda Civic Type R


Will Zhang, Staff Writer

    Honda isn’t exactly what you think of when somebody says “sports car.” However, the Type R shames sports cars with its sheer ferocity and performance. You could almost expect Honda to install a strut-tower brace in the cargo area and take away the back seats. You could expect the turbocharged 2.0 liter to guzzle fuel like a battle-tank. But no, with all of the performance, even with the amazing brakes and steering, the car still retains the practicality of your normal compact sedan.


    The Type R is the second vehicle to proudly pin the R badge on itself. The red trimmings stretching the exterior of the car are reminiscent of the ones of the Nissan GT-R Nismo, which makes the car looker meaner, faster, and better looking. The Type R looks good in virtually every color scheme available (White, Red, Black, Gray, Blue and Yellow). Black blunts the visuals, and the blue nor yellow quite fit. The rest are a different story. They assault you with flashy, irresistible eye food. With the huge wing at the back, pretty much anybody who has seen a Type R has eyeballed it. The visuals jump at you, and it stands out in the crowd. The car is powered by a I-4 that puts out an amazing 306 horsepower. Insanity. The turbocharger gives the Type R a ferocious roar, and even though it is FWD (front-wheel-drive), it’s cornering and braking is amazing. (Note: FWD’s are notorious due to their under-steer). The last time a FWD was interesting, the clock read 1960. The car makes use of a 6 speed-manual transmission, which has a noticeably short 6th gear. It gets from 0-60 in a quick 5 seconds, with a whopping top speed of nearly 170 mph. Don’t be surprised when you stomp on your friend’s Mustang or Camaro with the Type R. Again, the Type R shames sports cars.


    Inside the Type R, things are what you would expect from a sportier Civic. The bucket seats in the front are surprisingly comfy. However on long trips on the highway, fatigue might set in. The boomy exhaust can get very loud, and the insulation is about as good as two pieces of cardboard glued together by a 2nd grader. The road noise is LOUD. The inside looks sporty, with red details screaming “WANNABE FERRARI!” at you. With Apple Car-play and Android Auto, you can listen to all your favorite songs. But, the infotainment system is woefully outdated, and left in the dust when compared to rival companies.


    The Type R is relatively cheap, but over time the maintenance costs stack up. The starting price is $37,495 bucks and an operating cost of about $12,300 dollars after 40,000 miles, totaling to a hefty $50,000 ish bucks. In comparison, the Ford Mustang has the same performance, but with a faster 0-60 and a cost 10,000 dollars less. But the Civic Type R has an advantage- don’t forget that it is as practical as an average compact-sedan, which makes the car worth the price. In conclusion, if you want a (relatively) cheap car that’s flashy and fast but can also carry around the family, this might be for you. If you want a more family oriented car, look for a SUV. If you want a faster, flashier sports-oriented car, go for a Mustang or a Camaro (A little birdie told me that the Chevrolet Corvette C8 is out!). In conclusion, the Type R is essentially the jack of all trades, master of none.