The Monarch Butterfly’s Way


Ethan Murch, Creative Writing

“Are we there yet?” I asked my mom, yet again.

“Not yet!” said my mother, “We are still in the Plains!”


My mother always makes that kind of excuse.


“Ugh I am soo tired,” I said.

I sped up my pace and took off, thinking that my family and friends were behind me.


I could see the end of the plains and the start of the forests.


“I see some milkweed!” I exclaimed, thinking my friends and family we’re behind.


After a minute of no response, I slowed down and looked back.


No one there.

“Hello!?” I yelled.

I looked around the forest and saw no one.


I turned around and headed to the milkweed. “I can live by myself no problem, I reassured myself. But I was still scared.


I rested on the milkweed and started feeding on it. 


Then, I took off and faster than ever and flew far into the distance. I took a quick swoop down to a tree.


I saw my family getting ready to hibernate on the tree and I swooped down in line.


“There you are, we were looking all over for you!” exclaimed my mom in relief.


“Well I’m here now,” I said in relief.

Back with my family, back with my friends, back where I belong.


“Who is ready for next summer?” asked my mom.

“WE ARE!!!” We all screamed in unison.


“Well let’s sleep!” exclaimed my mom.

And with that, we all said, “Okay!” and went to find a place one by one until all of our group were starting hibernation.