Belgium’s “Dinner in the Sky” Reopens

Belgium's “Dinner in the Sky” Reopens

Sophie Lyons, Writer

“Dinner in the Sky” in Belgium reopens on September 17 after being closed since the pandemic started because of the new changes the company has made. “Dinner in the Sky” is a restaurant suspended over 164 feet by a crane. Well known chefs cook and serve food from the center of the floating platform.

The “Dinner in the Sky” used to have long tables that seated 22 people but because of the coronavirus, necessary changes were put into action. There are now private tables seating 4 people. “It means all the public are sitting in sort of a bubble,” co-CEO Stefan Kerkhof explained. 8 tables of 4 means that up to 32 people can eat in the sky and the private tables addition creates more space for the servers to walk.

This fancy restaurant which opened in 2006 has now “relaunched” with a new social distance incorporation for diners safety. A seat at this flying restaurant is $350 per person or about $175 for a weekend afternoon cocktail. Even with these expenses, “Dinner in the Sky” has re-opened to be just as popular as it was before.