Brain Foods

Aaliyah Richardson, writer

There are many good foods but there are multiple foods that help with your brain. You might be asking yourself what are bain foods? Well, there are many like strawberries, blueberries, fish, and even some chocolates. Some bad brain food is junk food like hamburgers, cake, fries, piazza, donuts, hotdogs, pretzels, and candy.  What do they do for your brain? Well, they help your brain process and give you the energy to go through the day without being tired and becoming smarter. This really helps for a test,  studying, or regular school, even remote learning but bad brain foods they don’t help you bring the just don’t do anything to your brain. I hope this helps with what you like and dislike. What happened if you don’t eat brain food? Well if you don’t eat brain food, your brain gets tiny and causes damage. With your brain shrinking and getting smaller, soon you’ll know nothing. This might sound frightening so I would keep eating healthy each day so you can get smarter and your brain can get big instead of small.

Some good brain foods include dark chocolate, eggs, avocado, Brockie, strawberries, blueberries, nuts.

Some bad brain foods include hamburgers, cake, fries, piazza, donuts, hotdogs, pretzels, candy, cookies, ice cream, and soda/juice.