Straton Geddes, Writer

I woke up from what seemed like a lifetime’s sleep. I get out of my bed and hop into the shower. I wondered why it was so quiet, usually, my 3 kids are screaming, crying, fighting. I probably just woke up early, I thought. I finished My shower and got dressed. I went down into the kitchen to eat some breakfast, then realized that there was still no noise from my kids. I decided to go check on them. I went into the boy’s room first. I cracked the door open and didn’t hear a thing. “Johnny,” I whispered. He sat up in his bed. “Dad, Sam is gone!” He said.

A worried expression spread on my face. “Come with me,” I said. We went over to my daughter, Ella. I walked into her room and all of a sudden my heart got warm and the weight on my shoulders disappeared. “Hey Ella,” I whispered. She didn’t move. I tried it again. “Ella.” it didn’t work. Usually, When I whisper her name, she wakes up right away. Then, I felt cold liquid, washing over my feet. I looked down. It was blood. I turned Ella over to see a big hole where her heart would be, and a sticky note that read “ Dear Jonathan, I am your worst nightmare. I have put you in a special simulation where everyone is trying to kill you, but the people you love the most are gone. You have 24 hours to escape. Also, I have thrown in some twists.

There is one door across your town that you can escape to. The coordinates to that door are (23,42, -20) Worst wishes, Nightmare.” I turned around to see my own son with a knife in his hand. I closed my eyes and imagined killing him. I couldn’t bear it. Even if he is trying to kill me, I would never be able to kill him. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. So that’s one of the twists, I thought. I can kill people with my mind! Then, an idea popped into my head. What if I just kill the whole town? I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and imagined the whole town dying. I opened my eyes. Hopefully, it worked, I thought. I walked out of my town and a whole bunch of people came walking towards me with knives. “Hey guys, we all have feelings here,” I said to them.

I turned and sprinted. I looked back and saw them still walking towards me. Maybe they can’t run, I thought. I continued to jog towards the coordinates. I passed the bakery and didn’t smell the sweet smells that always come through that door. All I could smell was death. I was running past the corner store when I realized I was running out of breath. “Curse my asthma!” I whispered to myself. I stopped in the darkest alleyway to catch my breath again. I leaned on the dumpster, and I cried. I cried for Ella’s life, I cried for killing Johnny, I cried for waking up without my wife. I cried for Sam, I cried for life back. Then, I heard this weird growling. It was a Rottweiler.

“Easy boy,” I said to it. It jumped at me and started licking my face. “Wait, Lilly? Hey girl! I thought I lost you!” I said. “I guess you just ran away,” I said. I started to go to the coordinates with Lilly. Just 50 yards away was a glowing door. “Yes!” I yelled. Lilly and I started sprinting towards the door. I reached it first and opened it. I saw my bed, and my wife, Laura, and my dog bed for Lilly. We jumped through the door, and I lay down on my bed. Laura woke up. “Hey, where were you?” She asked. “Somewhere unknown,” I replied.