Dak’s Downfall


Felix Ronchetti, Writer

Quarterback Dak Prescott fractured his ankle in week 5 against the Giants. On first and 10, the Cowboys were ahead by 1 Dak took that snap, but the Giants sent pressure right away. Dak scrambled until he was tackled by Logan Ryan. Immediately you could see the pain in his face. His ankle was bent weird and he looked in pain. He was taken off the field with tears on his face. He is currently in the hospital and will be out for the rest of the season. While Dak is hurt the cowboys are starting former Bengals QB, Andy Dalton. He has been doing ok but not great. Since he began taking over the starting role he has had 1 win and 2 losses, and his first win was the game Dak got hurt, and Andy Dalton didn’t play the full game. Celebrities have all felt the sadness of the incident. Russel Wilson took to Twiter and tweeted, “Wish I got to say something before our game but… I heartbroken for you Dak.” Basketball star Dirk Nowitzki tweeted and said “Tinking of you Dak.” All NFL fans are hoping for Dak Prescott to recover quickly and are thinking of him constantly, waiting for more information.