Two Sentence Horror Stories


Danny Briden, Writer

  1. When I was young my cat always sat behind my door which made a shadow. I never thought much of it but now it scares me, because I live alone.
  2. I woke up to sudden knocking. looking everywhere I saw nothing but I realized, it was from the mirror.
  3. I tucked my son in and he told me there was a monster under his bed. Chuckling, I looked under, and there was my son “daddy there’s a monster on my bed”.
  4. I heard my mom call me from downstairs so I started walking. Then someone pulled me in her room, It was my mom. “I hear it to” she said.
  5. My wife woke me up screaming that someone broke into the house. I started to get up but I realized, I had no wife.
  6.  At 12.28 she dug her nails into me and I let out a yelp. I suddenly woke up, it was a bad dream. I looked at the time and it was 12.27, that’s when the closet opened.
  7.  My brother went missing a week back and we haven’t found him at all. But I was happy, because I knew I hid his body well.
  1. I saw my wife dead at the side of my bed and I saw a woman staring at me screaming with a bloody knife in her hand. I screamed until I woke up and there I realized I had no wife, I had nothing.