War Between Warriors

War Between Warriors

Jayda Galvan, Writer

I looked back with tears in my eyes as my father was pulled and yanked from me. It felt like every single thing near me was frozen and all there was the shouting and shooting from the soldiers around me. He tried to yank out but they pulled tighter as he reached his hand to grab me. A person behind me took my arm and yanked me out of the crowd. They pulled me behind a wall and covered my mouth. Tears were still rolling down my eyes, so this person was completely blurry. I calmed myself down as they randomly hugged me. She looked around, then back at me shivering. 

“Ok, you have to listen to me, my name is Mariana. I am one of your father’s cousins. He sent me here after hearing about the war and taking families apart and made sure I was going to take care of you. I know you’re scared, but I’ve been training years for this. And I think I know how to get your father out of this mess.” She looks very determined to have this done for me. And my father. I’ve never met this woman in my life, so I don’t know if she could be a disguised soldier or something, but I’ve always seen my family, as determined so I think this could be a start. She pulls me over to another station. The yelling gets quieter and quieter. I keep looking back, nervous for my father. My father is all I have left. After my mother died a few years back, we’ve been keeping each other up. We don’t have any contact with family, of course until now, but it’s always just been him and I stuck in a small shack with a small farm on top of a small hill. But you know what, that’s all I need. 

After miles and miles of walking, I see a barn in the far distance. 

“Nothing to be worried about, this is me and my family’s barn,” she stopped me for a second. “And, I also want to say I’m sorry; for you know, witnessing what you witnessed, and having me be straightforward about it. I’ve only been training for years because I went through the same thing. But with you know, more people. That’s why my family has been working hard to get them back.” She keeps walking forward. I start to feel sudden tears in my eyes, but I hold it in. I don’t want to be so open to this woman because I’m not sure I still trust her yet. 

After we get to the doors she does a musical knock that I’ve never heard before. The door opens and there’s an old lady with an old scarf and braids in her hair. 

“Hola Mija, did you make it here safe?” She looks directly at me and looks back. 

“Yes, Ma. But I’ve picked up Juliana on my way, you remember Julio right? This is his daughter. He was… taken, Ma.” A woosh of sadness goes over her face as she looks at me and grabs my hand. She kisses it and lets me in. I see people of all ages around stopping and looking at me. The women bring me to a room and sits me down. 

“Ok, we have a lot to talk to you about; and more about us. We are a secret agency. We’re not much, but I already told you about our story. We traveled far and king just to be safe from…them.” I already know who they are. They stole my dad. That’s all I need to know. She tells me more about what happened, and why she’s even helping me. Everyone introduces themselves to me and they give me a place to stay. They give me clothes and food, and a notebook to write in. With tears in my eyes, I look out the window and think about my father. But then, all of a sudden, there’s dust and yelling from a far distance. The people have guns and weapons coming towards us. I hear yelling downstairs then a familiar yank on my arm. All I hear next is, “They are coming! Run! Run!”