The 100 Review

The 100 Review

Amari Green, Writer

Have you ever heard of the show “The 100”? It is a Sci-fi series on netflix that came out on March 19 2014. It contains 7 seasons and has a rating of 93% rotten tomatoes. The show is about the last survivors of humankind. They end up in space finding themselves struggling to live on the spaceship they named ‘The Ark’ they soon find out that they have to start cutting down on the people of the Ark to maintain their lives. They established strict rules that shall not be broken, if broken they will suffer either death or prison, (Yes they have a prison). 

The leaders of the Ark decide that they need a plan B If they want to stop having to cut people from the Ark. As a result of this they decide they have no choice but to send 100 people to the ground to establish if it is livable. 

As a result of this they end up deciding to follow through with the plan and they send 100 prisoners to the ground to find out if it is survivable. The children are faced with many different challenges such as being bait for traps and mountain men wanting them only for their blood. 

I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in danger and interesting plots and neck bending twists and turns. The 100 is an impeccable show and it is a show I would recommend to so many people, even people who think they wouldn’t like it. I would recommend it because it is just that amazing.

Sadly the show has come to an end but all 7 seasons are on netflix. The show is also based on the books of Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and all of her friends and their journeys.  

In conclusion I would recommend this show to any and everyone you know. It’s full of thrill, excitement, anger, and it is simply just a jaw dropping show. It’s also filled with tears and laughter until you cry I promise after you watch it you’ll recommend it to any and everyone you come across.