The Dilemma of Phones


Margaret Martin, Writer

Phones have many advantages and disadvantages, phones allow connection but they also give access to the internet in much less supervised ways however the time to get a phone is based on who you are getting it for. Getting a phone should be based on the person who is asking for it. If the person is responsible and trustworthy to keep track of the phone and keep it charged as well as not using the phone for unsupervised use of the internet. Then you can trust them to have a smart device. However if you can’t trust the person you are considering getting a device for then they shouldn’t have unsupervised communication. A good way to tell if someone is ready for a phone is based on other jobs, if the person has proved that they are reliable in other situations they are most likely to be reliable when it comes to having a smart device.

If you feel pressured to get someone a smart device then consider a couple of things. Number one if the person’s reason is everyone else has one then that is not a good reason. Smart devices are a huge responsibility so if you are not sure someone has good reasons and will be responsible with a device then they shouldn’t have one.