Taye Diggs Supported Amanza Smith

Taye Diggs Supported Amanza Smith

Keira Vipani, Writer

Amanza Smith from the television show “Selling Sunset” reveals that her ex-boyfriend, Taye Diggs, has been supporting her and her two children for the last 5 years when her ex-husband, Ralph Brown couldn’t.  


Taye Diggs and Amanza broke up in 2018, and at that point in their relationship, Amanza was unemployed. Now, Amanza is a realtor and is on the television show, “Selling Sunset.” Amanza tells that when she was with Diggs, she didn’t have money of her own, but now she uses the words “huge base” to describe how she is doing financially because of the television show.


Ralph Brown is a retired NFL player since around 2009. He played on the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals. Brown disappeared from Amanza and the children’s life for a year now. Amanza Smith claims that the reason Brown failed to pay child support was because he blew all his money once he retired. This is why the responsibility was passed down to Diggs, who wasn’t even the children’s father.


Amanza has two kids, one boy and one girl. Noah, the daughter is 10 years old and Braker, the son is 9. Amanza’s two children have made an appearance in “Selling Sunset.” When they made an appearance, their mother, Amanza was really happy and she became motivated. 


Amanza Smith says that she is sure her ex-husband is alive. The reasoning behind that is when she was trying to get full custody of Braker and Noah, he submitted something to the court, where he did a change of address. They tried to trace the number down, but that led to a UPS store. Smith says, “ he doesn’t want to be found right now, and for me, if he doesn’t want to be found right now, then it’s probably best that he’s away until he’s better or he wants to come back.” Smith Also says her family is finally settled and it would rock their worlds if he were to show up on their doorstep. 


Smith has been a single mother for a year now, and she is having a somewhat difficult time adjusting to being both roles. Amanza says she would go out once a week or so, and now that is changed with the father gone and the mother alone with the two kids. Amanza got married in 2010 but the couple was divorced since the kids were one and two. The kids would be with their father one week and the other was with mom. Smith tells that Brown was a good father until a couple months before he left. 


After Brown and Smith were done, Smith was with Diggs for four years. This was the period when Smith needed the financial support from Diggs. After Diggs and Smith separated in 2018, and since then, Amanza has been financially stable for herself and her kids. Though Brown has failed to pay child support, Amanza no longer is in need of financial help from her ex-husband because of her “Selling Sunset” acting career.