Crewmate Survival Book


Hank Bangert, Writer

I know that all of the people reading this article have probably heard of the booming video game, Among Us. It was originally created by InnerSloth LLC in 2018 but recently blew up to the top of the charts in the last couple of months. I know this sounds like a gaming article and not a survival one but that’s not why we’re here today. If you have played Among Us you would know that it can get addicting with the short rounds, different maps, and more; but also frustrating when your fellow crewmates are blind to who the impostors are and end up losing. But I am here to tell you how to pick out the impostors, vote them out and finish your tasks with max efficiency to have a fun experience with the other online players.

First off, when you join, before the game starts, you should choose your color and hat with the computer on the green crate. There are some rumors about the color red being “sus” and obviously being the impostor, but to be honest it doesn’t matter and I encourage you to pick whatever you want. Okay, now that you have that down, the match will be starting. You will see a red character with a finger over his mouth “Shushing you”. Next you will receive your role. If it says IMPOSTOR in red letters then you can stop reading because this article is for the CREWMATE role (Light blue letters). I’m going to use the basic map as an example because it is probably the first one you will play on.

 After getting your role you will spawn around a table in the cafeteria room of a rocket ship, with the other ship members two of which are impostors. The first thing you will do is click on the button in the top right corner of the screen under the settings button. This will pop up the map and show you the various rooms and hallways of the rocket ship. One thing you will notice right away is the big yellow exclamation marks all over the map. These are not a warning but where your various tasks will be located. You can also look at your tasks in the task bar in the top right corner of your screen. You might see people standing still for two seconds before they start running in different directions and this is because they are doing the same thing you are!

Did you see where your tasks are located? Well you should. One of the most common places that you will have a task in is a room at the bottom left of the map called Electrical. This is because it has 5 different tasks in that one room alone. It also has a “crisis” location which is referred to as “Lights” and is activated by the impostors using the sabotage button. Due to there being a mass amount of tasks there, it is also the room you will most likely be killed in. So in my opinion I would do the tasks you have there first because the impostors have something called a kill cooldown, meaning they can’t kill for the first part of the match depending on how long the host made the cooldown. 

The tasks you have been assigned to will have a yellow ring around the location of the tasks and in the bottom right of your screen a “Use” button will light up. You will press this and the task screen will pop up. I can’t tell you what to do because there are dozens of tasks and I can’t name all of them. It should be pretty self explanatory though due to the simplicity of the game. By this point in the game you might have completed a task or two but that won’t last long because chances are, less than a minute into the game, a “DEAD BODY REPORTED” screen will pop up randomly. There is no telling when it will happen but it depends on the skill of the impostor, and mostly just luck.

After this screen pops up, you will be sent into this screen that shows the list of people you’re playing with and their name and color. You might see one or two people with a big red X over their name. This means that they have been killed by the impostors. In the top left of the screen you will see a text bubble with most likely a red dot with white circle in the middle. You want to click on this and it will bring up the chat. You might be confused but the reason everyone is saying “where” is because they want to know where the body was found. This is where some strategy and detective work comes in.

This is where we are going to leaves this month’s article. Please comment any feedback and next article will be about the strategy of figuring out who the impostor is.