Bronco Cheerleaders in Healthcare

Bronco Cheerleaders in Healthcare

Jordyn Fulcher, Writer

These 5 cheerleaders, Hailey Jo DeBoer, Alexandria Giannini, Alex Mutschler, Katherine Sierra, and Windey are not only cheerleaders but are also healthcare workers. They have been on the front line fighting the Covid-19 pandemics 


Alexandra Giannini, a nurse practitioner of emergency medicine says it ways not easy “It was really scary, it was really intimidating,” she stated “and kind of a nerve-racking time especially being in healthcare because we’re having these patients come in and asking questions, and unfortunately we don’t know the answers.” says Giannini


Hailey Jo DeBoer a physical therapist assistant in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility agreed with Giannini’s statements. “We’ve really been their family since they’re so isolated from not just their families but also the other residents,” DeBoer said. “We’re just doing whatever we can in our setting to make them feel comfortable and try to find that joy and enlightenment in their day. That’s been kind of the toughest part.”


Katherine Sierra, a trauma and surgical charge nurse, said “To be their nurse and to be their counselor and also kind of be their family during these difficult times is really something that they have been so appreciative of when they are not able to have their family close to them,”


Alex Mutschler, “It’s just important to take care of yourself physically, but also mentally as well,” Mutschler said. “We will get through this and let’s hope for a normal season next year, but we’re going to embrace this season and make the most of it.”


Between cheering and connecting with fans these cheerleaders have been helping in a huge way.