Some Countries Refuse to Host The Olympics


Henry Caldwell, Writer

   You might be wondering, why do some countries refuse to host the Olympics? The biggest factor is the money. Most of the counties that may want to host the Olympics just can’t afford it. Costs spiraled to over $45 billion for Beijing’s Summer Games in 2008, over $50 billion for the Winter Games in Sochi, in 2014, and $20 billion for Rio de Janeiro in 2016. That is just incredible. Most countries have to build stadiums and complexes for the events to be held. This adds even more to the cost. Not to mention that the athletes have to stay somewhere.


    What happens after the event leaves town?


    After the events end, Countries are left with a very hard question:Now What? Take the example of Cape Town’s massive $600 million, 55,000 seat Green Point Stadium that was built in anticipation of the 2010 World Cup. Since that time an additional $32 million in maintenance has been spent. This is just one example of many of what happens after the event leaves town.


     In Short


    These are all reasons that support the claim why do countries even bother about hosting the Olympics. If you factor in the money, the space, and what happens after why should you bother.