Chocolate Mousse


Grace Dale, Writer

How to make chocolate mousse:


Heat half of the cream (250 mls) in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until bubbles begin to form around the edges.

Place the chopped chocolate into a heatproof bowl. When the cream is heated, pour it over the chocolate and add the vanilla. Leave to melt for a minute, then stir with a whisk until all of the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth and well combined.

Whisk in the remaining 250ml of cream. Adding this cold cream helps to cool the mixture down faster.

Taste the mixture, and if the chocolate is a little too bitter you can add some caster or icing (confectioner’s) sugar until it’s as sweet as you want it.

Cover and refrigerate until very well chilled (at least several hours or overnight).

If you’re in a hurry you can chill it faster by putting it in the freezer. Just stir it regularly and be careful not to let it actually freeze.

Whip the chocolate cream with an electric hand mixer until stiff peaks form. It won’t take very long, be careful not to over-whip 

Pipe or spoon into glasses or small bowls. You can serve it immediately or store, covered, in the fridge for several days.



When the mousse is whipping make sure that you are paying attention until you see it turning into peaks then immediately stop it because you really don’t want it to be over whipped.

My review:

this was the best mousse I have ever made it was soft and fluffy till I over whipped it and it only took about three seconds to be over whipped so please watch the mousse so that you don’t have an over whipped mousse but other than that I followed the directions and this was great!