Margarita’s Journey to Success

Margarita's Journey to Success

Jayda Galvan, Writer

This story talks about my grandmother, who went through so much to provide for her three children and for a better, healthier life. 

My grandmother grew up in Guatemala, Mexico on a small farm with dirt floors and laundry cleaned in the rivers. She was one of eight children. When she was older, she had heard stories about how the US had running water, electricity, and many more work opportunities. Until, in 1988 when my grandmother was 24 years old, she moved to the US with her first child that was currently 3 years old. It was really hard for her to move around and talk to people because all she knew was Spanish. Everyone mostly only knew English, so she never was understood. After she had her next two kids, she started off in a trailer.

There were three girls, and they lived in a small squished trailer. When she was starting off in the US, she was undocumented, it was illegal to be undocumented but it was too expensive for her. It was also hard to find health care because she was undocumented, so she didn’t start off the strongest. Additionally, because of that, it was really hard for her to look for jobs, even though she thought it would be easy. She started her own business for cleaning houses. At the time, she didn’t know the importance of it or money, so she was given $20, sometimes for huge mansions. She tried a lot to raise her kids and raise money at the same time. Since she never went to school, she didn’t understand the importance of it either, so didn’t know much how to help her kids, etc., but still worked hard to put a roof over her kids. But if we look at her kids, and her now, she’s super successful.

Her business grew and gets good money, and even has too many clients to hold! She has a big house, daughters that all went to college and are super successful now too! She also has four grandchildren that she loves very much. She is now documented and is soon getting her citizenship to live in the Bay Area. She’s worked so hard to get there, and she finally made it.