Among Us


Nina Wagenlander , Writer


  “Among Us” Seems to be a very popular game lately going to the age range of Middle schoolers – Adults. “Among Us” is a game where there’s these real life people playing a game where there’s things called crew-mates, and an imposter. There are these things called “Tasks” and you do them before the “Imposter” of the game try to get you. There are countless accessories and cool fun colors to put on your character. This is a “Character” of the game that also gives you colors such as Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black, White, Purple. This game has become very popular in the last month. A lot of celebrities played it one of the most popular right now is “AOC ” She played with some gamer people. There are also other celebrities that have played this game to the creator who made “Among Us.” Have also made other games to play on your mobile device computer. This game, “Among Us,” was created in 2018. It wasn’t as popular then as it is now. The creators of “Among Us” are making a lot of money off of this game so far in 2020.