Tech Review: My Monitor

Orin Crady, writer

Decent monitor for a good price 7/10


It was only $200 and for that price It’s good. It’s a white curved samsung monitor that I got at walmart a few years ago. 


It’s pixel count is barely enough to not cause any problems and to not have much visible grain when not thinking about it. It also has no audio which would be fine and expected if I didn’t take the built in audio from the device it’s plugged into so you need headphones.


Other than that it’s all pros for the monitor including: for one I like the option menu it has where you can turn it on and off, choose the brightness, choose the sharpness, and even turn on a mode that reduces eye strain. Lastly I like how easy it was and is to set up and use, It came practically pre built and only needs a power cord and something connected to it with a HDMI cord to work.


So in conclusion it does it’s job and does it well it just doesn’t have anything special or high quality up its sleeve.