Japans Gundam Robot


Joel Toledo-Varela, Creative writing

You have probably seen some cartoons or live action tv shows that have giant moving robots with some people controlling it and you might have thought that robots like that would never exist, think again. Japan has made a 60 foot robot that weighs 25 tonnes from the anime series ¨Mobile Suit Gundam¨ that can walk, kneel, and move all fingers and arms. The Gundam robot has been worked on  since 1979 for ¨Mobile Suit Gundamś¨  anime series 30th anniversary. The idea of making the 60 foot robot came from Hajime Yatate Yoshiyuki Tominoo who also made the ¨Mobile Suit Gundam¨ show. It is really crazy that Japan made an animated TV series a reality. Are they going to make another robot, if not something bigger, what do you think?