How I Caught A Leprechaun

How I Caught A Leprechaun

Ethan Murch, Creative Writing

It was St. Patrick’s day and I was determined to find a leprechaun. I set up ten traps all around my house, three in the backyard, and five in the front yard. I was still setting up when I heard some faint clanging of a hammer in the courtyard. I stopped setting up traps, and I started the investigation.


I was as quiet as I could be as I trotted silently over to the courtyard. Then, I saw a little guy with a green suit. 

“Who are you?” I asked in a shaky voice.

 I was scared but not too much. But it doesn’t matter, he looked over, holding a shoe in his hand, then, he darted out of the courtyard and dropped his shoe. I ran after him, thinking quickly, I grabbed the shoe, tucked in my pocket, and ran after him. 


Now I’ve been running in and out of fields, zipping through playgrounds. Rushing on the streets, and crashing through the trees until… I’m in the forest. 

“What have I done?” I asked myself. 

I started walking back when I heard a Clank! Clank! Clank! It came from a hole. I stared down and saw the green guy dancing in some pretty green shoes. Then, the next moment, all I saw were a pair of shoes. I wanted to go home and tell everyone I saw… A LEPRECHAUN! I quickly jumped down the hole and had to duck down. But, I didn’t see him anywhere. All I saw were a whole shelf full of the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing, spectacular shoes. 


I took a few because they were all different sizes. I had to, although, I didn’t want the leprechaun to curse me. So I put them back and only marveled over them. I waited and waited until I had enough. I took my favorite shoes and raced out of there. I looked at the shoes as I zipped through the trees. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this leprechaun ran a whole shoe factory,” I thought as I focused my attention back to where I was. Now I met the streets again! I rushed, zipping through playgrounds, and running in and out of fields.


Finally, I got back to my house and I saw the leprechaun racing around. I lured him into a trap and then forced him to give me three wishes. I said I wanted dogs, lots of money, and fame. And he made it come true. And that is how I got famous. And you might know me as the one who took shoes from a leprechaun, later after he gave me wishes, I went all the way to his home. And you probably guessed what I did. I took all his shoes. And now, you know my whole story.


The  End!