Hard Rock Hotel Fire


Liam Ellis, Writer

Fire erupts at New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel construction site


Fire erupts at New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel on Monday the 28th of September. Officials say the roof caught on fire and then it spread around. The fire was created by blow torches that the workers were using. Only a small pile of roofing material caught on fire but the tar in that material made it look worse because the smoke was thicker. The workers left the pile of roofing trash on the hotel roof one year ago when they were working there. The Hard Rock Hotel is in downtown New Orleans next to old and historic buildings. The city said in a statement that “there is minimal concern that the fire can spread beyond the Hard Rock site.” No one was hurt in the fire. This is not the first time that the hotel has been destroyed. Last October, just under a year ago, the 18 story hotel collapsed killing three workers and injuring more. When it collapsed 11 workers were on the 18th floor. Some people say this hotel is cursed because something bad has happened to the hotel around the same time in 2019 and 2020. New Orleans has a history with black magic which is a supernatural power that can be used for evil so maybe that is why the hotel has had major accidents. Curse or coincidence?