Video Game Reviews – Undertale

Video Game Reviews – Undertale

Isaiah Wimbs, Writer

Video Game Reviews

This is Isaiah Wimbs here with the third episode of this hopefully ongoing series where I review different video games. Next to be forced underground is Undertale.

The Team

Undertale was made by Toby Fox and was released on September 15, 2015, with the Gamemaker engine.

The Story

The beginning story is Long ago, there were two races on earth humans and monsters.  One day the humans attacked the monsters that lead to war between the two races. After a long battle, the humans won. And they sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Legends tell that humans who go to the top of Mount Ebbot never return you the player head to the mountain for reasons and fall in a hole luckily there are flowers that break your fall and you begin your journey underground.

The Design

The games 6 zones had a lot of time put into them and their atmosphere and provide for a fun time the way more of the story is revealed adds some mystery the intro establishes the beginning from the human’s point of view. The game has a great message “You Don’t Have To Fight” Also, this game has a great soundtrack.

The Monsters

The monsters are full of charm and add to the environment they also provide a challenge and might take a while to figure out how to spare them or you can just destroy all of them and their government and break up families and crush thousands of dreams in one fell swoop. You can make new friends sell our soul to a psychopath. Give hugs stab them in the back. It’s your choice.

The Bosses

The bosses are the strongest monsters in the underground and the ones with the most power. Leading the kingdom, Keeper of the ruins, Leader of the royal guard and they are unable to die, unless they’re stabbed, or something. So they got to see first hand the war.


Overall this game is a revolutionary fun-packed game with a good story, visuals, and characters.

That’s all for this episode buckaroos! See you again today, tomorrow, or anytime convenient for you! Bye!