The great tale of Mulan’s controversy


Disney’s Live Action Mulan 2020 has recently gotten itself a lot of negative attention due to many saying that the way the film was made was inherently supporting racism and perhaps even genocide. The film itself has been labeled as dry and unwatchable, seeing as a lot of people have said that they removed everything that made the original 1999 movie funny and enjoyable, not to mention the controversial lead actor pick, and filming location. First off, the movie was filmed in Xinjiang, an area in china known for its ethnic and racial cleansing, supported by the Chinese government themselves. Disney likely made this choice exclusively because the area was cheaper, despite the fact that by doing so they were supporting the unjust persecution of the Uighur people. (Without going into much detail, Uighurs are being arrested under false pretenses, and sent to “re-education camps” or concentration camps where they’re being brainwashed to leave their religion) Second off, the lead actor pick for the movie (Liu Yifei) had voiced support for the Hong Kong police during the protests against chinese dictatorship back in March 2019, which is inherently extremely controversial. As a result of all of these things, the movie is being boycott and abandoned as to not further support what some see as Disney’s racist actions.