The Netflix Show “The Good Places” Comes to An End


Amari Green, Writer

The Outstanding show “The Good Place” proves all good things must come to an end on January 20, 2020, the last episode of “The Good Place” aired. “The Good Place is a show rated with 97% rotten tomatoes and is about a girl named Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in the afterlife and wound up in the good place. She soon realizes she is put there by mistake and hides from the architect Michel in plain sight while trying to earn her spot, therefore, being taught philosophy by former professor Chidi Anagonye. Throughout her time in the good place, she meets others such as the robot assistant Janet, Buddhist monk Jianyu Li who took an oath of silence on earth, and Tahani Al-Jamil who was raised on the richer side of England. 

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes a good laugh and also likes cliffhangers. The Good Place is a good show to watch with your family and friends. It starts off with a series of events that lead to everyone finding out that Elenor was an imposter and she didn’t belong there so Elenor made it her goal to earn her spot there. She eventually did and Michel (the architect) found out that humans aren’t so bad after all so they decided that it wasn’t fair that it was so hard to get into the actual good place so they tried to change the system.

Soon the 4 humans found out that the entire thing was a test and none of them actually belonged to the good place and they were actually in the bad place the entire time, Michel just told them they were in the good place for the project he was inventing [ a new way of torture ]. 

But, since he found out that humans could improve they all teamed up and made it their destiny to change the system of how people are sorted into the good place and the bad place. They went to the judge and they pitched their idea and she wasn’t on board at first, so it took some convincing but she eventually noticed how royally messed up the system actually was.

So she agreed but the bad place still wasn’t on board since they didn’t get to have a bunch of people torture since Michel and the 4 humans had a different plan. But soon after they heard that they would be working with good place architects to design the process by which humans get sorted they were on board. 

So since they saved all of eternity they found out that they were going to the actual good place and they were going to finally go to where they belonged, they were obviously so excited but when they got there they all noticed something was off with the people there and when Michel went to become a member of the good place board they left him in the dust.

They soon realized the good place was good but it had an expiration date since you can do whatever you want whenever you want you to get bored of having that power after you’ve done everything you could possibly do in life. So they made a door and no one knows where you go when you walk through the door but you are put to rest and you are finally free. 

The Good Place is a heartwarming show and I would recommend it to everyone because it incorporates almost everything in the show and its just a really good show to enjoy and watch with your family and friends.