Best Fast Food Places in Central Park


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Caroline Peters, Writer

  1. Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a is an all-time favorite, from their tasty waffle fries to their refreshing frozen lemonades. They now are featuring a new dessert, brownies! There are many locations in and around the Central Park area. You can order the classic chicken sandwich, or maybe their mac-and-cheese, and perhaps a milkshake to go with it.


    2. Sonic

Not only does Sonic have good burgers, but they also have great drinks too! At many locations, you can find spots where you can pull your car in, and order your drinks from menus on the side. The staff will bring the drinks out to you after ordering. From the cherry limeades to the grape slushies, it’s fun all around!


  3. Freddy’s

Freddy’s does not only have delicious steakburgers, they have outstanding custard as well. You can get it chocolate dipped, candy topped, and so much more.


   4. Torches.

If you looking for some tasty tacos, Torchy’s is the place to go. If your heading to work and you want a breakfast snack, why not try their egg, bacon, and cheese? Or if you in more of a lunch mood, a chicken fajita is the way to go.