The Doll

The Doll

Ethan Murch, Writer


“RRRIIINNNGGG!!!” blurted out the Alarm Clock. 

“3:00 AM?” I asked myself aloud.

 Yes, I know it is crazy, But I am eating Breakfast at 3:00 AM. I’m slumping in my chair and longing to go to sleep, But there was a part of me that was saying that I should stay awake.

I poured myself another bowl of cereal, But then I stopped in my tracks. Frozen. I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

 I looked over and saw nothing. I decided that I was just seeing things. It was early and I was sleepy. 

When I saw something again. This time in a different place, I forced myself to run upstairs and run into my room, shut the door, and go to bed. But, I saw something again. 

I decided I should go to my parent’s room. So, I jumped out of my bed and sprinted to my parent’s room.

 When I got in, I looked around and saw only a doll on the bed.

Wait, a doll shouldn’t be here!! What?! How is this possible? It turned it’s head and stood up. 

I was frozen, paralyzed. 

It moved closer. I tried to scream, yell, run away, and never look back.

But, I couldn’t do anything. 

I spit out a couple of words “HELP…ME…”

And those were my last words.

I died. The last thing I saw was

 The doll. And then everything went black. My head fell to the ground.


I was dead

You’re Next!