An Almost Real Nightmare

An Almost Real Nightmare

Katherine Essien, Writer

I woke up to an empty house. My brother was at drumming class and my parents were buying food so I decided to walk around and heat up my lunch from earlier to speed up time. But About an hour later when I was already watching T.V comfortably I heard a knock on the door which was weird because I wasn’t expecting anyone and my parents didn’t say anyone was coming. but I checked anyway because my parents might have forgotten to tell me.


 ¨who is it,¨ I asked 


 but there was no response or anyone at my door which annoyed me because it was probably a random kid playing a game that didn’t benefit me in any way, but I was fine and ready to watch T.V.  Less than 30 minutes later the same thing happened and another time after that. So when the bell rang for the fourth time I was ready to go out there and find them myself, but instead of finding two little kids I found a guy in a pizza hut uniform and a pizza box in hand standing right in front of my door. 


¨It’s not mine,¨ I said ¨You probably have the wrong house ¨ 


¨Are you sure, you have the same address as the number right here¨ he replied 


I looked and he was right, which freaked me out. 


¨Oh your right, umm thanks¨ I said


When I got inside I called my parents to see if they had ordered me a pizza but they didn’t pick up so I decided to open the box. When I opened the box it was full of peanuts! So I shut the box ran to throw the box away as fast as possible because I was deadly allergic to them, but as I was running I slipped on some on a towel , and I was terrified because I thought I was going to see a box full of peanuts like the last time but instead there was a normal chess pizza which scared me as much as thinking I saw a box full of peanuts. I was still scared but decided I should finish the show. Half way through the episode I felt weird and itchy so I went to look in my mirror and saw MY FACE WAS IN COVERED IN HIVES!



I woke up again in the same empty house again but no longer in hives, I was probably just dreaming. So I decided to clean my room, but when I went to dump my trash there was a pizza box and a towel both in the same place they were in my dream.