The Knights of Migore #1


Kirin Davidson, Writer

The year is 1585. The Knights of Migore were known all over England for their heroics against mighty beasts. There are 3 Knights of Migore. Jastar Mand, who is faster and sneakier than a cat. Windle Jore, the brilliant mastermind of their battles. Finally, the leader of this jolly group, Ryler Aklin. The bold fighter who never backed down. They have killed many beasts, for rewards upon imagine. Such as the 3 headed dog Cerberus, the Hydra with many heads, and their latest kill, a banshee. 

“Brilliant idea on that banshee Windle!” Jastar joyfully said, throwing the corpse in the carriage they had come in. 

“Well it would not have worked if it weren’t for your sneakiness.” Windle snapped back as if it was a competition. The men looked at each other very sternly then started to laugh.

“We better get paid handsomely for this, aye?” Jastar said, always looking for a reward.

“It does not matter if we get paid,” Ryler exclaimed, “but only if these villagers are safe.” 

“What ever.” Jastar rolled his eyes.

They rode all the way back to the Kingdom. Bumping every so often for rocks hitting the wood wheels of the carriage. 

A day later, they got back to the Kingdom and rode up to the castle. As they walked in, they saw statues of great fighters and heroes on the walls, hoping to see themselves up there one day. They kept walking up to King Fod’s throne and through the banshee at his feet.

“Merlin’s beard!” King Fod jumped out of his throne, “How did you do that so fast, the ride itself is a day. Well my boys, you’re getting closer and closer to getting on those walls over there.”

“Thank you Sir.” Ryler kneeled and hinted to Windle and Jastar to do the same. 

“What is our next assignment, King?” Windle asked now getting up from there kneel. 

“There is a man who owns a workshop on the Southern side of the Kingdom. They owe me a great debt. Although, whenever my knights try to get him, he runs away. So, I was wondering if Jastar could lead this one to be sneaky.” King Fod purposed.

Ryler quickly insisted, “My Lord, I don’t think that is the best ide-”

“Well why not Ryler. Just because you’re the bold fighter blah, blah, blah, I can’t lead? Windle can lead.” Jastar exclaimed.

“Well Windle is brilliant.” Windle said in the third person. 

“So am I!” Jastar persisted. 

“Gentleman, gentleman. As I just said, Jastar is the leader for this mission.” the King pronounced.

“Yes my Lord.” Windle looked sternly at Jastar. Jastar smiled back waving his hand.


A couple of minutes later, they were on the Southern side of the Kingdom looking for the man’s workshop. They saw it spinning their heads. 

“Look,” Ryler pointed at the workshop, “the lights are still on.” 

“I can see that you dingus.” Windle snapped at Ryler while Jastar snickered. 

Ryler hit the back of Jastar’s head with his hand that was filled to the brim with armor. Jastar stopped laughing and rubbed his head. 


The trio tiptoed over to the window. Jastar and Windle peared in while Ryler watched their backs. 

“Scooch over!” Jastar nudged Windle to the left, “Your big head is in the way.”

 “Well at least my head is big with knowledge while yours is as flat as the ground!” Windle exclaimed.

The two looked at each other and started fighting. Pushing and shoving anything they could see of the other. 

“Stop! We came here on a mission so if the both of you don’t stop fighting I’ll knock you both out and be on that wall by myself.” Ryler told them sternly. 

“Sorry.” They both said. 

They all went back to their positions.

“They’re not home.” Windle told Ryler, “It’s getting dark so they should be coming back soon.” 

An hour later, Ryler was awakened by a loud, “bang!” He nudged Jastar and Windle awake.

“Wha-” Jastar started but Ryler put a finger over his mouth signalling to be quiet. The three readied themselves for what is to come down the rode. Holding their weapons ready to fight as a creature approached. 

“Hello, I’m Dave, what’s your name?” The creature said in the darkness.

“Huh.” Windle lowered his weapon and dragged the creature into the light. It was a man. 

“Do you work here?” Ryler persisted.

“Yes, this is my lovely workshop and home.” The man said wobbling as if he had just come from the pub. The men nodded at  each other knowing this was the man the King asked for.

“Sir, why don’t you come with us tonight so we can make sure you don’t feel sick in the morning.” Windle proposed to the man. 

“Well I don’t know.” the man wasn’t sure what to do.

“I insist.” Windle told him.

“Well okay.” The man was sold. Jastar and Ryler smirked together understanding why Windle was such a good part of the team.

They rode back on the carriage to the kingdom that very night and while the man was asleep, they carried him into the King’s throne room and for some reason the King was still there.
“My lord?” Ryler stepped forward, “Why are you here at this time of day?”

“Well I was only wondering how long this mission would take you.” The King answered, “Is that him in your arms?”

“Yes my lord.” Ryler placed him on the ground and the King’s knights picked him up and walked to the dungeons below.

“Well, that’s that.” The King brushed his hands together, “I’ll see you lot in the morning for a new mission.”

“Yes my lord.” They all walked out feeling accomplished, but should they have?