The Rage

Genesis Key, Writer

   The rage is the black

                 The rage is the red

                  The rage is the dark 

     The rage is the blood of terror

   It was a good morning

The birthday they say

It was the 12 years to turn to

The school bus was a rage

‘’Hey’’ said the nice student

‘’Why do you watch this show anyway’’

“ hey give it back’’ the nice student said

‘’No way’’ Jake said

‘’Oh wait minute , your nerd at back table said Jake

The rage laugh

The rage laugh until their pee were on the seats where they sit for 10 mins

The nice student was harsh by the rage laugh

Then the real rage came in so black that everybody wonder if the world was ending

I said ‘’Hey you dummy’’ I said ‘’ give it back said the nice with a thick black slime running her chin and red bursting pimples coming out in her deep scaly skin

‘’Okay ‘’,’’ you can have it’’ he said so low and scared then mins ago 

The real rage mad and the bus leave the earth forever

As she went away too

But that story was 5 years when I was in my teen years

But 5 years later everybody in my town thinks on Halloween night when go on a bus you get black out

Which is something that I don’t believe in

My name is Ryan Virgo

I will tell you the rage of terror and what really on that day

But that story is pretty scary and true that people die in it 

So don’t complain just kidding I’m trying to get your hypes up for my story so…

Let’s start  this two weeks before the bus of rage happen

It was my friend Ava’s 12th birthday and she was very excited

For the birthday party

The day before I went left out of town and then i went to talk to her before I left .’’I won’t be at your birthday party Ava

Because my grandma die of heart virus battle since she was 50 years old.’’

‘’So the funeral is for week in Cuba where grandma was born in the house with perks with Melted faces on their head’’ I told her

“So could you at least tell dad and your mom that my birthday is the week that you will be going out of town to’’ she said with a curious face

‘’What No,I can’t do that you know I live famous people in my house and telling me things that are right and wrong’’


‘’I don’t get you sometimes’’ she said while she slammed like killer was after her , which I wish


So after I talked to her, I went home and thought about what Ava said but she forgot about it after the birthday weekend ended.


 After I came back a big tragedy happened to me which I still haunts through this day so I was told one of the craziest stories ever and  I thought my friend Bryan was lying the whole time so here it goes and goes.

So I went to Ava’s birthday party and red balloons and blacks balloons was everywhere and I saw Hollywood’s best Halloween killers ever made But it was dark because I came close to very late to what everybody said at the party so then everybody was so happy to be at party because there were aliens and zombies all over the backyard. ‘’ Wow’’ I said to Ava’s mom and she said ‘’Thanks, you know what they say hard work pays off’’.’’I guess’’ I said . So she asked me ‘’ I was wondering all day  where Ava was, you wouldn’t mind going to her . I want her to open her gifts’’. I said I’ll go look for her.’’ ‘’Okay’’,she said. So I went to Ava’s room and door screech as my little small toes step on the hard brick floor and as I walk all that I could see was the TV so bright like the sun outside and also saw Ava go back and forth and back and forth and saying’’ I am the rage and black and red as I can be she kept saying to the TV then I ran downstairs like I was being chased by a dog and then I went outside I said to Ava’s mom,’’I just ,I just and I just’’ then she said ‘’Baby don’t stutter its bad for you’’. ‘’Well how about you don’t make your child watch TV’’. I muttered to myself and she said ‘’What do you mean Bryan’’. ‘’ I mean’’ as I was trying to speak to her what happen Ava comes outside like the queen of land than black emo girl I saw earlier and she was so ready for to open her gifts like it was the day she won million dollars or something then we sang happy birthday and ate cake so then everybody went home and was ready to hit hay and I promise myself to never go to a red and black birthday party.

‘’So that is  all what happen ’’.’’Yeah why’’, ‘’ well you said something crazy happen, ‘’Yeah that what happen’’, ‘’ Okay you lied so we are not going to speak until school  is going to a crazy day’’ I said to Bryan with serious face and disappointed in my sorry eyes  and being red as it can be.

So that happened after I left from out of town just to hear an untrue story by trust friends but you know I learned birthday parties are the best to tell.