Scaring COVID-19 Worries Away

Scaring COVID-19 Worries Away

Sophie Lyons, Writer

A business in Japan is trying to take people’s minds away from the thought of COVID-19 by scaring them with frightening monsters! The customers are placed into a glass coffin that can squirt water onto them and plastic hands are stuck into the coffin making for a good fright. You get all of this for just 800-yen ($7.60).

“We needed to have something that we could take anywhere, and coffins are easy to move. All you need to do is put them in a dark room,” said Iwana. “It’s good business for us and satisfying for our customers.” A group of actors who needed to get some money were hired for the job. They do 15 minute shows that give people a good scream. It takes the customer’s minds off of the stressful pandemic.

“Lots of events have been cancelled because of the coronavirus, and I was looking for a way to get rid of my stress,” said Kazushiro Hashiguchi, who enjoyed the terrifying show. Then he surprisingly said, “I feel relaxed now.”

A group of cunning people in Japan have already found out a way to scare people’s worries away. What will others come up with next?