Halloween – Will it Happen

Halloween  - Will it Happen

Daphne Alexander, Writer

I believe that the answer to if Halloween will happen is yes, Halloween will not be canceled. But I think that it should be canceled because you, your mom, and or dad could spread it to literally everyone in your neighborhood. You  are most likely to not feel bad because of your age, but you can easily spread it to anyone. you will be ringing doorbells, touching candy someone has  probably already touched .think of it this way if you were a 57 year old man  giving out candy  and you got covid19 and died how would your family feel ? The answer is bad, you would feel bad. now if they have it and spread it to you you could get your family sick. My dads best friend had Covid and he felt terrible for not taking it seriously. I don’t like the fact that it will happen this year. Personally I am not going trick or treating. But if your are just try to be as casual as possible, there are still fun things to do, for example: you could have a scavenger hunt in your house, or you could DIY a costume .I am making a costume for my dog to match me. You could even turn it into a supper early Easter.