Tobin Heath- USA Womens Soccer Player

Tobin Heath after 2 nutmegs in a row.

Tobin Heath after 2 nutmegs in a row.

Emme Phillips, Writer

Tobin Heath

Tobin Heath is a famous female soccer player on the women’s US team and plays forward or midfield.

She grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and went to the University of North Carolina while playing soccer there except for her senior year she decided to train with boys instead. She is a two-time Olympic medalist (gold). Her salary is between $278,000-$565,000 per year, depending on her performance. Soccer is not the only thing she loves though, art is one of her specialties, she is a strong Christian, loves her family, and is very outdoorsy. She started her career when she was 4, kicking a soccer ball in the back of a YMCA building, then she played in High School and college. She had one ankle injury and had to sit out for about 8-12 weeks and was not allowed to play. Some of her greatest moments are when she was playing against Canada, was sprinting towards the goal, and nutmegs two defenders in a row and is now called the queen of nutmegs. She has made 32 goals in her career, made 6 assists, and is now 32 years old. She has a great personality and is an overall great athlete.