iOs 14 Update


Molly Hubbard, Writer

Apple created a new update for apple users called ios 14. This new update has many new fixes such as, widgets, hiding screens, facetime and phone fixes, siri changes, and text messages. Widgets are small, medium, or big things that you can create into pictures, weather, reminders, calendar, and even when the sun rises and sets or the moon signs. You can download multiple apps on your phone to change and create your own personalized widgets such as, choosing your favorite pictures to display, making your own calendar, adding your Spotify songs to your background, and creating your own reminders. 

Along with widgets, with the ios 14 update you can hide certain screens on your phone that hold your apps. This can help your phone get a clean organized look or help you remove storage off of your phone with apps you still want, but do not need most of the time. Apple also updated their facetime and phone app. When facetiming someone when you leave the facetime screen they can still have access to see your face, this part of the update is not a fan by a lot of people because they do not like how when off the app people can still see what you are doing. Now with the phone app, if you do not want to answer a call from someone and do not want it taking up your whole screen it takes up only a small space, allowing you to not only  ignore the call but, stay on your other apps.

Adding onto this phone update, siri also does not take up the whole screen when you call for her. She becomes a small dot on the bottom of your screen, it still allows her to talk to you the same. 

The messages app (texts) is now changed so you can reply to only one message at a time, and when you have headphones in and cannot answer the phone and text back or see a text siri will read the text to you without even asking.

Asking multiple people about their likes and dislikes for the update, the majority of people say they like the update because of the widgets and the faster, better access. One person said “There’s more options to get to your apps, its quicker, and I like the background.”

Another person stated, “I like the widgets because they help make my phone fun.” The new update is easy to download, you go to your settings app, go to general, and click on software update and install the update. It may take 10-30 minutes depending on the storage on your phone. After it is installed you can get creative!