Covid-19 is About to Get a Lot Uglier

A coronavirus cell.


A coronavirus cell.

Clara Liptzin, Writer

When Covid-19 arrived at the beginning of 2020, no one realized how bad this would get. Many other countries have dealt with it well since it hit, but the US, not so much. Now that fall is starting, it is going to get worse. 

The days are becoming shorter and it is getting colder outside, so this means a lot of people will be spending time inside, where COVID can be easily transmitted. Going into fall also means flu season. Having coronavirus and other illnesses like the flu could overwhelm the healthcare systems by a lot. 

In order to stay safe this fall/winter season, it is important to get a flu shot. This year’s flu shot could be the most important one you ever get, say health experts. This means the hospitals could have fewer patients because if people get their vaccinations, there will be fewer cases and fewer deaths. Without overwhelming sicknesses, the hospitals will have less stress and enough equipment, like ventilators, etc.

We need to find ways to Be comfortable outside so we don’t need to have mass gatherings inside. Being inside with a group for a long period of time is the most common way COVID is transmitted to others. Even though it is getting colder, we should still find ways to try and be outside if we are in groups. You usually don’t need to wear a mask outside, but if there are a lot of people around, you should try to. If a mask is not required in a store, it is still important to wear one, because being in a store without one could easily expose you to anything.

It is important we all do things like washing hands a lot, wearing a mask, social distancing, keeping things clean/sanitized, and not being exposed and inside with a lot of people. If we all do our part, we will overcome these tough times together.