5 Survival Tips Every Outdoors Person Should Know

5 Survival Tips Every Outdoors Person Should Know

Hudson Chesebro, Writer

This is a list of the things every good outdoors person should know to keep them safe even if they have nothing and why they are important.


  1. Make an insulated shelter.

You always want insulated shelter if you have no other shelter, because the insulation and shelter can keep you from freezing and getting wet.

      2. Find clean water.

You always need clean water to stay hydrated because dirty water will get you sick because of all the bacteria in the water, and no water will make you very dehydrated.

      3. Build a fire

You always need a fire whether it is for warmth, cooking food, or sterilizing water.

       4. Make tools

You need to make tools to get materials for a shelter, trap food, and other purposes.

And finally, have a good mindset. You always need to have a good mindset otherwise you will get too stressed and overthink everything, and that will lead to failure.