How Corona Virus is Effecting the Coming out of Shows


Parker Reitze, writer

Some of the most popular shows and movies on Netflix include, Stranger Things, The vampire diaries and Riverdale. If you like some of these shows You might be wondering, “is the next season of this show I like coming out with a new series?” Or even “when will this movie come out with a sequel?” and “does Covid mean I will have to wait even longer?” If you are wondering these things then keep reading. 

The most-watched show on Netflix is Stranger Things which is a show about a group of friends who come across strange mysteries and creatures. While that was supposed to be released on Thursday the 17th of September 2020. It is now pushed back its date to July of 2021 but it could be pushed back more depending on new updates on the virus. Vampire Diaries is a romantic show that is also very popular About a girl and a boy who fall in love. This show was going to come out with a new series on march 2021 but again these dates can vary depending on new updates. Finally, The show Riverdale which is about a group of high school students who together find out mysteries and adventure through their twisted town. The new season of this show is planning to come out in January 2021.

Was your favorite show listed? If so were you surprised about the new dates? Are you excited to wait this long or wish that you could be watching them right now? Even though you might think things are not ideal there are still some things to look forward to.