NBA Finals


Will Beauregard, Writer

On Wednesday September 30 the NBA finals started With LA Lakers and Miami heat. 


When the games started sports news stations all around the us protected the Lakers are the favorite and the Miami heat is the underdog. Star player Lebron James knows to be one of the best players in the NBA leading the lakers for the NBA finals. Although the Miami Heat’s star player Jimmy Butler will be leading the heat.


When the first game started on September 30 the Lakers played great and threw the whole game with Anthony Davis scoring 38 points. But the heat did not lose without putting on a fight when Jimmy Butler scored 32 points. Although both teams played great in the first game the Lakers came up on top winning 98-116. News analysts announced that the player of the game was Anthony Davis.


Then on Friday October 2 it was time for game 2. With the MVP of the last game Anthony Davis led his team out. And Jimmy Butler leading the heat out. When the game started the heat dominated until the 2 half when the Lakers stepped up the intensity. Lebron James scored 33 points. Which led the Lakers to win game 2 which gave them a 2-0 lead in the series.


Game 3 which was held in Miami happened on Sunday October 4 only 2 days after their last game. The heat knew they had to step up the intensity to give them a shot at coming back and winning it. The heat played strong all throughout the game with star player Jimmy butler scoring 40 points. The end game result was the heat won 115-104. Making  the series 2-1 .


Game 4 was a big one the Heat needed it to tie and the Lakers needed it to give them a bit of margin space to work with. Both teams stepped out onto the court with Lebron James leading the Lakers. And Jimmy Butler leading the heat. Game 4 started out good for both teams at and even ratio. With the score at halftime about heaven. But in the second half the Lakers showed up and ended up winning the game 102-96 with star player LeBron James scoring 28 points. The Lakers now lead 3-1


Game 5 will start 10/9/202 and game 6 will start 10/11/2020


It has been a close series let’s see who will win it.