The Twelve Tasks of Hercules

Fiona Perry, Writer

I decided to do a comic and I choose a Greek myth. Of course, I had to choose the longest Greek myth on the planet: The Twelve Tasks of Hercules. First, I wrote the comic, and then I had to outline it in black. As I was outlining, I realised it was bleeding through to the other side (see the 7th bubble on page 2) and so I had to print copies of the pages so they weren’t double sided and I could outline them. Then, I colored them, and finally I took pictures of them. I apologise in advance for any bubbles that are hard to read, I would suggest zooming in. Here are some Greek characters you might want to know in order to understand the comic:

  • The Ceryneian deer is supposed to be the fastest animal on the planet.
  • Greygon is a three headed monster.
  • Titans are powerful beings who came before the gods, but then were defeated by the gods.
  • Helios is the Greek Titan of the Sun.
  • Prometheus is a Titan who snuck down to Earth to give humans fire. In response, the gods chained him to a rock and had vultures pick at him and eat him for the rest of eternity.
  • Atlas is the Titan who has to hold up the sky.
  • The Tree of Hesperides is the tree of the gods.