Massive Great White Shark Caught and Tagged

Massive Great White Shark Caught and Tagged

Oliver Atkins, Writer

A massive, 50-year-old shark was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada by researchers during an experiment that had started about a month before the catch on Monday, the 5th of October 2020. 

Scientists have described the massive shark as the “Queen of The Ocean” and named it Nukumi. Nukumi is a female Great White.

Scientists say that by tagging it, Nukumi will provide them with lots of information on where the shark goes, its speeds and depth, and what she is eating. 

Nukumi is the largest of the 8 Great White Shark’s they have tagged so far in the experiment, and although Great White’s have a fearsome reputation their numbers are dwindling so understanding these animals can let us try to help save them.