Sabrina Carpenter Starring in Alice in Wonderland Musical for Netflix

Iman Todd, Writer

Sabrina Carpenter will be starring in a contemporary reimagining of Alice in Wonderland the Lewis Carroll story. This news was officially announced Monday October 5 2020 in Hollywood. Since this is a Musical it is important to have someone with the main script to be able to sing because then it isn’t much of a Musical so that is why they have this 21 year old actress/singer being the Star and Producer of this new Alice in Wonderland Musical. Sabrina  starred in the newest Netflix movie, Work It, a dance movie that premiered over the summer. She also had a role in the Netflix film, Tall Girl. It is always good to see her since she has been Alice before in the Musical. Hope you all are excited!!! Can’t wait for Sabrina to star in more movies and shows and to make more music!!! Stay tuned for more!!!