Colorado On Fire


Margaret Lyons, Writing

All throughout 2020, we have been experiencing all different types of tragedies, one being fires. It started with the fires in Australia and has moved to the west coast of the U.S.

Due to the dry and hot weather, Colorado has been experiencing wildfires since August 10th when the first fire started called the Grizzly Creek Fire which is now 91% contained. But burned 32,431 acres (50 square miles) and if that wasn’t enough then there were more. Next Williams Fork Fire hit which burned 13,727 acres (21 square miles) on august 14th, but this one is proven to be human caused. At this point  we were all sick of smoke and ash, but what we did not know is we had 2 more fires to go. Now that we had experienced back-to-back fires Thorpe Fire, which burned  159 acres (0.24 square miles) The Thorpe Fire, however,  is now 100% contained, started burning on Aug. 13. Lastly, there is The Middle Fork Fire, The Middle Fork Fire is burning north of Steamboat Springs. It is 0% contained, this fire is still burning although it has been slightly contained. These fires have had many effects on all of us, such as a stuffy nose, or dry mouth, and a scratchy throat.