Cod Modern Warfare 2019 Review


Miles Hickman, Writer


Modern Warfare 2019 is a really fun game, It has a good campaign, OK multiplayer, a good co-op and has Warzone. 

First let’s start with the campaign. It was fun but extremely short with 14 missions. I’ll give the campaign a solid 6/10 because it was too short. The graphics are pretty good, not insane but they are good. Now let’s move on to the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fun when people aren’t using broken weapons and cheating. Because the game is cross platform some PC players like to cheat and ruin the game. I’ll give the multiplayer a 5/10 because It was super fun at first but then I got burnt out. Lastly the battle royal mode (Warzone) is really fun and free to play. But there are still some cheaters who like to ruin the game for everyone. I’ll give Warzone a 7/10 because it’s my favorite part of the game. Overall I’ll give Modern Warfare a 6/10 because it could be so much better than it is.