Broncos Key Players Injured

Broncos Key Players Injured

Mac Shaw, Writer

Broncos second year Quarterback Drew Lock was injured in the beginning of the season against the Steelers, along with Courtlan Sutton, Philip Lindsay, and Von Miller, across the start of the year. After losing their first three games, the Broncos’ tough start can be linked to these injuries. Lock has injured his right shoulder and is expected to be out for 3-5 weeks following the injury. Sutton, a wide receiver, injured his ACL and is out for the remainder of the season. Lindsay, running back, injured his foot and there is a possibility that he returns to face the Jets.

The Broncos drafted Lock early in the second round in last season’s draft, and he started the last few games of last season, and started the first 2 this season until being injured. This is his second serious injury of his career and that is very concerning for the Broncos if this will affect Locks performance. Lock was a breakout star last season as the starting quarterback Joe Flacco was injured in the last few games as he helped them win some games after the Broncos were projected to be a middle to low end team in the league.

Sutton was the team’s go-to Wide Receiver and with him and Lock being out, the team’s passing has been greatly taken back. Lindsay was a running back and he was a big part of the Broncos running game. With all of this in mind, the team’s offensive capabilities are much worse now than at the start of the season. Not only this the Broncos star player on defense Von Miller is out for the foreseeable future with an ankle injury and surgery. Miller was a leader on the defensive end and with him out the Broncos are not looking good for the next few weeks.

The Broncos have not had a good season since Payton Manning left after winning super bowl 50, but this season the Broncos are starting to look up with all their young talent. Now, however, these big injuries are putting them in the backseat this season.