Emmy Awards Online

Emmy Awards Online

Keira Vipani, Writer

The Emmy Awards were online this year, which everyone was trying to make everything seem as normal as possible. There were many winners of the famous award, but their award ceremony was much different than they ever imagined, online at home. The Emmy Awards had to carry on the tradition so online was the only option this year. 


Zendaya was an Emmy award winning actor for her leading role in the television show Euphoria. Euphoria is a teen drama that was released in 2019. So far there is one season, but renewed for a second. It is about high schoolers experiencing life, going through friendships and relationships. Euphoria supports the LGBTQ community by adding charcters that are part of this group. 


Zendaya was the leading actor in the television show Euphoria. Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Zendaya is a younger actor who is 24. She has been acting since 2009, when she was 13. Zendaya is a singer and an actor which has to have it’s benefits. Zendaya’s career began as a child model and a backup dancer. Zendaya’s career grew into what it is today, which is a very successful career. Zendaya was a singer and an actor in The Greatest Showman, which was a very popular movie when it came out. 


Julia Gardner was also a 2020 Emmy award winner, for the television show Ozarks. Ozarks is a 4 season show that has been going on since 2017-2020. Julia played the role of Ruth In the Ozarks, as she was a poor girl that helped Marty the main character. Julia is a 26 year old actress, who has been active in her career since 2010. Julia is married to Mark Foster, who is a lead vocalist. 


The New York Times talks about the highs and lows of the 72nd Emmy Awards Ceremony. There were some complications like all online meetings and activities, but for the most part, the ceremony was extraordinary and was the best under the circumstances. There were some people that showed up to the ceremony in person, like Jason Bateman. Jason is the main role in Ozarks, along with Julia Gardner. 


The Emmy Awards were as good as they get online. Though the actors and actresses were at home on their couch, they still dressed up in a dress or a suit. This made the whole online activity seem irrelevant because seeing the different clothing and styles worn by the event attendees is a good enough reason itself to watch the Emmys.